Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoos

Tiger tattoo designs can be very various. Tiger is known as the eastern symbol of might, barbarian, vicious, anger, beauty and speed. In Asian and Indian cultures tiger tattoos get the meaning of aggression and protection, where tiger is the substitution for lion as the main symbol of glory and wildness.

The meaning of the tiger tattoos are connected with power, viciousness, passion and sensibility. Tiger tattoo designs are a little similar to lion tattoo designs and can have the meaning of life and death, evil and the winning of the good.

Chinese god of richness was sitting on the tiger and symbolized excitement and risk. In India tiger tattoo means the symbol of the warrior. Caged tiger or taken down tiger can be used to symbolize containment or the heightening of beliefs.

On the other side tigers can also symbolize famine, power, rage, revenge and intricacy. In prison the tiger tattoo design depicting the head of the tiger means rage against the power.

In Asian culture tiger tattoo is a several-meaning symbol, who reveals the totem belief of Indians, Chinese, Japanese people and the people of South East Asia. In these countries tiger tattoos are very popular and characterize their hosts as powerful, passionate, outrageous and vicious person.

Asian rulers even before our era chose this animal as the symbol of their power. Tiger, as well as lion in European and Arab culture, is known do demonstrate might, glory of empires, cities and tribes. For Korean people tiger is the king of the animals and Indians represent their god Sheeva in the tiger skin riding this animal.

However, tiger is not only the symbol of might and glory. It can bring life and be the guardian from evil spirits and protect from enemies. The history and traditions of China are highly connected with this animal, and its statues can be seen near many buildings not only in big cities but near the houses in provinces. It is known to bring fear to all the bad things and not let them come inside. Also the picture of the tiger in China was always following pregnant women, protecting the young baby from evil spirits.

In the province Yun-nan there are beliefs about the people who could turn into tigers. From these people, as the local citizens believe, came the people of this province and Tibet. Their children when they become adults and during weddings are given the small statues of tigers as presents. In several provinces people believe that tigers fulfill the will of gods and beat the sinners.

Indian mythology gave this animal the traits of warrior – nobility and honor. In Japan tiger symbolizes bravery and helps the warriors-heroes to make them do their heroic deeds. In Korea it is the connection between the earth world and sky world and in tiger tattoos these animals are often depicted with a dragon in the shape of Yin-Yan symbol. Some people in Siberia and Sumatra considered these animals another race that possesses wit and social organization.

In prison practice tiger tattoos symbolize might, honor, ferociousness and rage.

Thus the meaning of tiger tattoos can be different: might and glory, might and lust for blood, independence, nobility, viciousness, anger and destruction, beauty and health, life and fertility, sensibility and passion, speed and rage.

Tiger tattoos show these traits and it depends on the actual tiger tattoo designs, color and style.

Tiger tattoo designs can be realistic or depicted in traditional variant from many Asian pictures of this animal. To underline the meaning of the tiger tattoo you have to choose the variant according to your knowledge of its history and traditional use in culture.